Friend of the week

by @amorben

Marco (the coolest barman)

Marco (the coolest barman)


Occupation: Barman…

From: Turin

Fluent: Italian.

Learning: English.

Something else… we met him by chance, but I think it’s impossible not to fall in love with his smile, his charm, his know-how, and his cocktails, the way he mixes and explains.

Now he’s grown up and left us to continue his career… but he’ll always have a dedicated space in our hearts…


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Fontographer and journalist From: Turin Fluent: Italian Learning: English Something else...: One very nice person we have known some years ago, at our apelinguistico, a good friend that has made our best pics and a great...


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Translator From: Turin Fluent: Italian, English Learning: French Something else...: She's so sweet as shy, sometimes help us with the pictures of the events, and plays the guitar in a Rock Band... She's one of the nicest...


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Travel Consultant, Cook, Dog trainer From: Seville (Spain) Fluent: Spanish, Italian. Learning: English. Something else... one of the first coollanguager's, always ready to help you finding the right person to speak the...


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Spanish teacher, life coach, events organizer... From: Seville, Spain Fluent: Spanish, Italian, English. Learning: French, Portuguese (better if Brazilian). Something else... always smiling, don't drink alcohol, love to...

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