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by @amorben

Amor Ben (the boss)

Amor Ben (the boss)


Occupation: Spanish teacher, life coach, events organizer…

From: Seville, Spain

Fluent: Spanish, Italian, English.

Learning: French, Portuguese (better if Brazilian).

Something else… always smiling, don’t drink alcohol, love to practice languages and to meet new people.

Had the idea of coollanguages to help people like me, foreigners that want to learn the language of the place they live, students that want to practice other languages without having to travel abroad… but the more important thing, people that understand the importance of people…


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Fontographer and journalist From: Turin Fluent: Italian Learning: English Something else...: One very nice person we have known some years ago, at our apelinguistico, a good friend that has made our best pics and a great...


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Translator From: Turin Fluent: Italian, English Learning: French Something else...: She's so sweet as shy, sometimes help us with the pictures of the events, and plays the guitar in a Rock Band... She's one of the nicest...


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Barman... From: Turin Fluent: Italian. Learning: English. Something else... we met him by chance, but I think it's impossible not to fall in love with his smile, his charm, his know-how, and his cocktails, the way he mixes...


Friend of the week by @amorben Occupation: Travel Consultant, Cook, Dog trainer From: Seville (Spain) Fluent: Spanish, Italian. Learning: English. Something else... one of the first coollanguager's, always ready to help you finding the right person to speak the...

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